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  • Alpha poster image


    Katie Walsh, Chicago Tribune

    You know Sheila the She-Wolf from "Glow" on Netflix? "Alpha" would be her favorite movie. She'd watch it ev...

  • The Meg poster image

    The Meg

    Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

    Have sharks jumped the Fonzie? Seems like it's always Shark Week around here, and "here" means everywhere. Think of h...

  • Eighth Grade poster image

    Eighth Grade

    Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

    Tender, socially reticent, selectively assertive, Kayla is a middle-school student a few days away from graduation and the rest...

  • The Darkest Minds poster image

    The Darkest Minds

    Katie Walsh, Chicago Tribune

    From "The Hunger Games" to "Harry Potter," dystopian young adult science fiction has become a favorite devi...

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